Wire Mesh Decks

Wire Mesh Decks

Features & Benefits:

Complete your warehouse rack with wire decking from the largest manufacturer of wire rack decking in the world. We are the exclusive dealer in Canada for Nashville Wire Products.

Choose from a variety of stock & quick ship sizes, or let us design and build a custom deck to your specifications.


  • Easy to install, simply drops into place
  • Improves fire safety by enhancing the performance of your overhead sprinkler system
  • Protects employees and products
  • Improves inventory visibility and brightens your facility
  • Self-cleaning / maintenance free
  • Gives you the flexibility to store cartons, drums, and multiple pallet sizes

At Econo-Rack we carry an assortment of wire mesh decks as an alternative to safety bars. Each mesh deck has a capacity rating that exceeds 2,000 lbs UDL ( uniformed distributed load ) This means that it can carry 2,000 lbs as long as the load is distributed along the entire surface of the mesh deck, and not on any one particular smaller area, commonly referred to as a point load.

We also offer wire mesh decks with an inverted channel, typically used in the food industry. These special decks are available by special request

We also offer the following accessories to supplement our wire decks:

Hanging Dividers which allow for easy separation of product in between beam levels

Kwik Clip Dividers which are freestanding dividers that enable them to attach quickly to our decks using a special clip

Carton Stop designed for heavy-duty use as a carton stop or to create flue space for fire detection

Upturned Waterfall decks which have the rear waterfall turned up to serve as a backstop to prevent cartons from being pushed off the back of the rack

Our mesh decks all have three 14 gauge reinforced channels welded onto the mesh. The mesh is composed of 5 gauge (0.207″ diameter) wire in a 2 inch by 4 inch grid pattern

At Econo-Rack, we currently stock the following sizes:

24″ deep by 46″ wide 36″ deep by 46″ wide 36″ deep by 52″ wide 42″ deep by 46″ wide

42″ deep by 52″ wide 44″ deep by 46″ wide 48″ deep by 46″ wide


To be sure you are choosing the right deck, add the combinations of the widths above to suit your racking. For example, if your beams which join the frames are 96″ long, you would require two mesh decks 46″ wide. This adds up to 92″, allowing for a bit of tolerance when installing the decks. If you have 108″ beams, you would require two mesh decks 52″ wide, and so on.