Roll Formed Pallet Racking

Roll Formed Racking

The original Redirack design is still our #1 seller in terms of roll-formed selective pallet rack. It is considered the industry standard, and the Redirack profile still leads the way in pallet racking in Canada.

It’s rigid column design coupled with its unique 6-point beam connection make it a solid choice for all racking needs.

Our roll formed racking is recognized throughout the industry for it’s quality, stability, and dependability. We use high quality steel and state of the art manufacturing technology, and all of our selective rack undergoes stringent quality control. We also finish all of our roll formed racking with a powder coat paint finish that is more durable and chip resistant than standard paint finishes. We also supply Manual Safety Clips ( MSC ) with all of our beams. If you are ordering separately, please specify which clip you require.