Pallet Runner

Pallet Runner

KONSTANT is a Canadian agent for Pallet RunnerTM

Pallet RunnerTM combines the density of drive-in systems with the benefits of pallet flow systems and can be easily positioned and repositioned by lift trucks of an existing fleet.

The system uses self-propelled intelligent carts. They run along channels and shunt full pallet loads into and out of deep-lane storage structures.

industrial radio shuttleKey Benefits:

  • Can be set up for true FIFO (first-in/first-out) or LIFO (last-in/first-out) operation.
  • Ideal for applications with a high number of pallets per SKU and a high turn rate.
  • Lift-truck operators are free to focus on bringing product to and from the system, as the Pallet RunnerTM cart operates automatically and independently within the system.
  • It can operate anywhere from ground-floor level to the highest level of the rack.

Control of Pallet RunnerTM is via a hand-held electronic transmitter. It communicates lift and move functions, while sensors along the channel determine where it must stop, deposit the load and return. The sensors also determine where Pallet RunnerTM must position itself to retrieve a load. The system’s cart is easily lifted out of one channel with a forklift truck and placed in another channel. A single cart can therefore service a whole bank of racking.