Rack Installation

At Econo-Rack we can install your rack installation project, whether it be for one small bay of racking, to the larger endeavors that include pick modules, radio shuttles and more. We have our own design, industrial engineering and pallet rack installation experts ready to work for you, from conception right through to the finished project, we see your racking system project through to the end.

Our rack installation professionals ensure your racking is installed up to specifications as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality and safety.

As the final stage of our turnkey warehouse rack system service, we believe the installation of your rack system deserves the same attention to detail as the other steps. We may have designed the optimal warehouse storage solution for your needs, but the job’s not complete until it’s properly installed. We respect your time and facility, and so do our installers. Your rack system will be installed as quickly as can be done without sacrificing safety or quality, and our installers will treat you with the same professionalism and respect that we do.

warehouse racking installerNationwide Pallet Rack Installation

Econo-rack is a Konstant company, and as such can offer rack installation services nationwide, from coast to coast in Canada. We have been in business over 25 years, and take pride in providing you with superior service, quality and speed.

Rack Dismantling & Moving

Our professional rack installation team can help move your entire system from one warehouse to another. Rack tear down includes not only dismantling the racking, but packing the racking properly for transportation. With our team of industrial engineers, and designers ensuring the new space can handle the system, our professional rack installers can ensure your racking move meets all the new safety and seismic zone regulations when putting it back up.

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