Wide Span Shelving

Wide Span Shelving

Our shelving is used in support of each material handling function associated with receiving production, storage and order picking. It is also used extensively in the retail sector for stock room storage and merchandise display. Our unique design is fully adjustable, making your items accessable from both sides of the shelving, allowing you to use the full width of the shelf surface without interruption of corner posts or cross

Whether you need to fill a lot of storage space ( see below ) or simply need just a little storage space, we can help fill your requirement. Call us today for a quote!

EZ Rect Type 1 Shelving

Type 1 is typically used in both commercial and retail applications. It’s unique design is fully adjustable and accessible from both sides. It is both versatile and attractive, making it also suitable for retail applications and record storage.

Shelves are easily installed on 2 inch centres, and the simple interlocking assembly without nuts, bolts, or rivets ensures fast installations and significant savings in time and labour cost. It is user friendly, as no special tools or skilled tradespeople are required.

All components are packaged in clear shrink-wrapped poly-film, assuring a clean product every time. In addition, poly-film provides protection against weather and shipping damage.

EZ-Rect Trimline Shelving

Trim-Line is the more economic version of Type 1. It is used where lighter capacities are required.

Trim-Line is suitable for garment and merchandise use in department stores, as well as other facilities where items are to be stored, retrieved and shipped.

It’s attractive finish allow it to be used “up front” in customer display areas, yet it is economical and durable for stockroom storage.

Shelves are fully adjustable on 1 inch centres to maximize the number of items which can be stored. Choose from an array of many widths, depths, and heights to customize your storage area.